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Our Governing Documents

When you purchased your easement you were covered by documents that are filed with the State of Vermont and the Town of South Hero. Although you do not need to study every provision in each item of these documents, reviewing them can help you understand the major issues that will impact you as an owner. If you have any questions about these governing documents or your rights under these documents we urge you to contact your legal council.

You can click on each link to view its contents in a new tab (window), in a printable PDF format. When you finish reading the article close the tab (window) or click the Back button in your browser if need be, to return to this page.

Articles of Incorporation: Contain only basic information about the Association, such as its name and address, the purpose of the organization and some special provisions.

Bylaws: The bylaws generally describe things such as the voting rights of the members, meeting requirements, and budget and assessment procedures.

Declaration: Contains detailed information about our organization, its configuration, and its operation. It also describes the common areas and govern the use of these areas, as well as common expenses for operating, repairing and improving the facilities.

Master Agreement: Describes our original agreement between the ownership of the resort and our organization. It provides a mechanism for our organization to compensate the resort for a portion of the expenses incurred in operating the facilities as well a description of what the resort will provide in return.

Annual Budget: You can view our latest associations budget here.

Parking Waiver Request: This request is designed to allow a resident to exceed the 2-vehicle per campsite limit for special circumstances and for a limited period of time.

Rental Program: Apple Tree Bay Easement Owners Association Temporary Lease of campsite registration submittal form.

Guidelines for Tenant/Guest Occupancy of Campsite of Easements: Apple Island Resort Guidelines for Tenant/Guest Occupancy of Campsite Easements.

Apple Tree Bay Easement Owners Association Notice of Offer Form: This form is to be used to submit to Apple Island Resort Management as an offer to consider purchasing your property.

Apple Tree Bay Easement Owners Association Special Assessment Withdrawal Explained: These are the actual emails with Apple Island Resort Management/Ownership detailing the $90,000 reserve withdrawal.
First: View the unedited version dated December 3, 2020.
Second: View the edited version, to clarify dates and initial changes.

The most recent covenants are available in the office. All questions regarding this document should be addressed by management or your legal council.

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